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OEMsecrets.com - Our Story

Electronic Components

Founded in 2010 and based in the United Kingdom, OEMsecrets.com is a free comparison site for electronic parts and components. We are proud to have launched the first comparison platform of its kind in the electronics distribution industry. We are committed to not only saving you time and money, but to also provide you with value so you can make an informed purchase. Subsequently, thousands of engineers every day use OEMsecrets.com to compare prices and order online from leading electronics distributors. We also have affiliations directly with manufacturers who list their product feeds on the website. This gives the buyer the option of buying through distribution or purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

There is no membership or log in required to compare and buy electronic parts on OEMsecrets.com, it's free.

We have created a safe market place for buyers and engineers to search, compare and buy electronic component needs online. Regular quality checks are carried out to ensure all inventory listed on the website is in-stock only. OEMsecrets.com do not list any inventory from China.

Ordering is made easy as buyers are sent directly into the distributors or manufacturers shopping cart ready for a swift purchase. For more information please visit our FAQ or contact support@oemsecrets.com

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We love hearing from you and will respond to all fan mail! If you need help, see our FAQs below, otherwise for all other enquiries you can reach us at:

Email: info@oemsecrets.com

Phone: +44 1904 613 914

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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Q: Is there a login or subscription required to search for parts?

A: There is no login, subscription or membership required to search and compare parts on OEMsecrets.com, it is 100% free for all web users.

Q: How do I buy from distributors?

A: You can order from distributors by clicking the green 'buy now' buttons which takes you directly into the distributors shopping cart.

Q: Are there any available parts listed on OEMsecrets.com?

A: All inventory listed on the website is in-stock only, distributors strictly can not list available parts on OEMsecrets.com. We carry out regular quality checks to control this.

Q: I'd like to advertise on your website, how can I get started?

A: Get in touch with samc@oemsecrets.com who will give you all the information required for set up.

Q: Are there any costs involved in listing my stock on the website?

A: Yes, distributors and manufacturers pay to advertise their inventory on OEMsecrets.com.